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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  March 19, 2016 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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>> i'm doing okay. [ laughter ] the place for -- we love each other. we really do. group hug. >> we do. love you brothers. \s more anti-trump protesters out disrupting the gop front-runner's rallies this week. after massive protests shut down his main event in chicago last week. hi, everybody. welcome to "forbes on fox." with a trump rally planned, they're spending resources, but some say the right to protest should not silence a candidate's right to free peopspeech? let's go to steve forbes, eliz best mcdonald, sabrina schafer,
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and bruce. >> what's happening is a form of political intimidation. it's political pollution. the first amendment guarantees you free speech. it's one to protest outside a rally, but to disrupt a rally. it has no place in america. what trump should say at these rallies, if somebody starts to get disruptive, politely have that person removed. it's not right. free speech trumps everything. >> bruce, what do you think? >> well, full disclosure here, i was invited by a real estate develop other friend of mine, who said he had an strahan ticket to the chicago rally. because i reserved the right to jeer, i did not want to get hit in the head with a beer bolts, so i did not go. if law enforcement knows, and honesti it's a diverse enable, i didn't want to go, because i thought something would go wrong, and i think law
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enforcement should shut the things down, because the rhetoric is so high. if they hear things are going to happen, they should contain them so people don't get hurt. his rhetoric is on inflammatory. >> that puts us tess mercy of the people who want -- they don't want free speech, they want show shut down free speech, don't they? >> yeah, they do. they learned this in our university system, where free speech has gone out the window, where you can shout down commencement speakers, get them disinvited, protesters think this is par for the course. >> we're looking at the picture of the university of missouri. she was a professor of communications, saying we have to muscle somebody to prevent free speech from taking place. go ahead. >>, black lives matter, they think this is the way the country works. steve is right about this, but look, trump uses inflammatory language, so he's living and dying by the same sword. >> what do you they, e-mac?
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>> i think trump is using menaceling language, and is missing a golden opportunity to look presidential. i wish he would take that up. but you know, you don't shut it down. i think it's wrong. we see that with the black lives matter movement, going after bernie sanders and trying to shut downs hi speeches. i tell you something that could back fire and this is how it back fired in the '60s, i agreed with the vietnam protesters, but you know, the silent majority didn't like it, and it backfired. >> right, but sabrina, so far it's just shutting down it speeches. impersonally sanders had one of his rallies shut down by these protesters. >> absolutely. politics isn't polite and i don't believe there's been a golden era of political civility, but people are saying
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the political rancor has become so intense, so deafening that we can't have political discourse, we can't have a free exchange of ideas. that's really the cornerstone of our democracy. if protesters are preventing us from having any kind of meaningful discussion about the issues we care about, then i think they need to be removed. >> john, again, the protesters and universities starting this are changing the definite 'tis of free speech, changing the definition of the first amendment, saying that hate speech is not protected by the first amendment. >> it's interesting here. they only like free speech if they agree with it, but they've got this idea that we have a right against being offended in the united states, and that is wholly opposite what we're about. presidential candidates whom we may not like should be allowed to speak freely. so should obnoxious college students and so should people like the koch brothers and big
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corporations. other than the that, we're not the united states. >> it's not speaking freely. actually they want to shut down free speech. that's going over a line, is it not? >> absolutely. in england they had a tradition of heckling, and the candidate would put the heckler down if he was in good, but shutting down free speech on the campuses, they have stifled free speech there. you say something somebody doesn't like, by golly been can be expelled in kangaroo court, so this is a rock that's been around for a while. we have to stop it now. >> the idea that these professors are coming up with their own definitionses. do we want a group of professor deciding what free speech is? >> i don't know about that, about you it seems when it comes to trump, i believe that everyone is entitled to their own set of opinions, not their own set of facts. so i think when trump blathers all this --
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>> are you saying that you're going to be the definer of what is right and what is wrong on that -- no. >>, i'm not. wait a minute, how many of us cheered on the gentleman who stood in front of the tanks tee at tiananmen square. >> in that case we were cheering someone standing up against a tirr ran cal government. trump is not the head of a tirr ran cal government. he's a tirr ran cal person. >> in tiananmen square, they were trying to -- >> and there's a equivalency between what's going on in our political system and what went on in a communist system, is there? >> no, there's no moral equivalency. look, getting back to this, where does this -- what is this root of evil that's suppressing
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free speech across the country. it goes back to our universities. why appeal to any graduate of any university, don't donate to your university. >> wow, sabrina, go ahead. >> that's true. >> i think it's very easy and i am firmly on the side of almost everyone on this panel, but it's easy to see a select group of people and assume they represent everyone, whether we're talking about a university or people shutting down a political speech. i think we have to remember that a lot of people who do want that free exchange of ideas, whether it's college campuses or voters, and it's important to keep our eyes on them as well. >> john, you're a huge defender of private property, as well you should be. a lot of these speeches are paid for by the candidates. is there a right of a person to pays for a speech to be able to defend his right against protesters who want to shut down
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a speech that that guy has paid for. >> absolutely. i think in this case is the burden of proof is on the left here. they love free speech until it doesn't conform with their view of the world. if it's rich people, corporation, they want to shut it down. that is not the united states. >> to your point, david, i think all the parents out there watching should take another look at the tuition costs they're paying for these colleges where they're suppressing free speech and not properly teaching the constitutional rights of the first amendment. >> you could major, by the way in protest courses these days at $60,000. thank you, gang. appreciate it. coming up next, what hillary clinton is saying about coal workers that have them worrying and some warnings that more u.s. jobs are going to go up in smoke because of it. they'll explain, coming up next.
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fox news alert. a deadly plane crash caused on camera in russia, this dubai jet exploding in a fireball after slamming into the ground just short of the runway. the boeing 737 report think circling airport up to two hours due to high winds in the area at the time. all 62 people on that jet killed, most of them russians. officials say terrorism is not suspected so far. back in this country, a virginia man pleading guilty of trying to join isis. 28-year-old jo jeff farouk trying to board a flight. according to court documents he was eager to get to the battlefield, in that he was arrests. i'm uma pep raju.
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i'm the only candidate with a policy on how to use clean renewable energy as the key into coal country, becausegoing to pr and companies out of business. >> ouch. hillary clinton promising that as president she would put coal miners and companies, and later she said her comments were, quote, a mistake, but john, just this week, the biggest coal miner in the united states announcing it may be going into bankruptcy, so kind of bad timing on her part. no? >> basically she wants to impose 13th century energy ideas on a modern economy. anytime a economy meddles this way, it's going to be a capital repellant and lead to job destruction. let's face it, the size and scope of government itself is a huge company and job deterrent. we need to shrink these guys. >> that is a draconian solution
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we haven't heard yet, but who knows? this is a wild season. >> i shy she means the coal states in these areas need to diversi diversify. it's not a passing fad that people will be using less fossil fuels and climate change is real, so i think the whole diversification of these countries that have coal manufacturing -- >> e-mac, to the one third of all cop mineser who have lost their jobs in seven years. this is extraordinary. a third of the coal mining jobs in the u.s. have disappeared, and a lot of these folks haven't been back to work. >> and that really hurts. we're talking about blue collar workers, and with the moves against fracking as well. the democrats have no more sense than a flock of geese. they're going for trump right now, so, you don't wipe out entire industries, you fix them. that's what the industries were doing to reduce their carbon emissions. this is the walter mondale "i'm going to raise your taxes"
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moment. i'm going to get rid of jobs, really? >> bill, we should mention the coal miners used to be big democratic supporters. not this time around. >> maybe not. i have the downcourt about the wisdom of green energy displace fossil fuels overnight the not because of any job counts. rich cars guard says he's skeptical. what are you going to do about that, rich? should we outlaw robots? >>. >> i want to give you a chance to respond, rich. go ahead. >> i don't know what bill is talking about here. all i'm saying is you can love green energy, but it isn't going to produce as many jobs, because you don't need much labor involved in a windmill, and this experience has been proving in spain where all this green energy led to a net loss of jobs. >> there's another factor here, steve, electric cars, which the left love, and they want to see
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more of, where do they get their energy? from coal. that's where electric cars get their electricity. >> the behavior of hillary clinton and these environmental extremists are like a religious cult on steroids. it's not based on science. they don't like coal, they don't like oil. they don't like natural gas. they don't like anything that makes life better. >> we don't need 13th century technology unless we want to go back. people in free markets, free people choose what kind of centering they want. they want energy that is cheap, works and clean. natural gas and others are like that. coal has been around forever, still vitally important. get the politics out of it. >> by the way, john. the method of cleaning coal are -- our technology is really improving, also the way it's mined. the number of deaths in coal mines going down significantly as a result of modern methods of safety. so, you know, there are all
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kinds of ways in which coal is actually doing better than it was before. >> and like anything else, if it succeeds in the marketplace and it apparently is, let's let it run its course. what i don't like is when people like hillary clinton or bruce jaapson says it's doing this or that. they can't possibly know what the future is like. >> what we do know is the jobs are disappears. we mentioned one coal company, peabody that may go into bankruptcy. patriot had to lay off thousands of workers. i mean, these workers have lost their jobs. you don't have to guess about that. >> i think they're disappearing because of the -- just what you're talking about, with the free market and so forth. >> they're disappearing because of the government rules that outlowing them. that's why they're disappearing. >> oh, for goods in' sake. >> it's true. >> people are moving away from fossil fuels. it's going on around the world. it's only a matter of times. that will be news to india,
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china and other countries that want energy to grown their economies to get people out of the poverty. >> i like how the left is always helping the poor and then wife out their jobs. at the bottom of the hour, eric, what do you got? >> hey, david, many in the gop vowing to keep fighting trump and spending big among to do it, should they save the cash to deep -- instead? plus lots of americans are coolest over who the president nominated for the supreme court, what funnyman jimmy kimmel uncovered is funny appeared frightening at the same time. see you at 11:30. thank you, eric. we will be watching. up first another u.s. company moving to a lower corporate tax rate. all the candidates want to stop it, from moving our rate lower to punishing thes doing the moving. we report, you decide, coming next.
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cosmetics giant avon is leaving for europe, and with businesses fleeing the u.s. for better tax rates, which presidential candidates have the right ideas to keep them
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yet anothers business packing up their headquarters to a country with a lower corporate tax rate. avon sits it's not about taxes, but the uk's rate is much lower than our 35% rate, the highest in the industrial world. all candidates say they have to stop cunning from leaving, but shouldn't we just lower our corporate rate? rich, what do you think? >> my gosh, we really need to do that. that needs to be a pride there. the irony is companies like apple and google get their tax
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rates down by using loopholes. other companies move offshore, and who is left holding the bag are smaller company that is don't have the legal resources. that's not fair. >> if you want to give the smaller companies a way up, you lower the tax raids for everybody. >> certainly we can look at closing some of the tax loopholes. some of these companies do these things as an execute when their profits are getting hit for other reasons. walgreens talk about it a coupleiers, they we found out their former cfo made a huge error. i don't know that they're doing it necessarily because of the corporate tax rates. i'm a simp guy. seven u.s. 700 u.s. companies have more to ireland. they have a 12.5% rate, about a third of what our rate is.
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>> it's simple, and it means companies can be more prosperous, when they can invest resources profitably. the 12.5% rate in ireland, juicy though it is, goes down to 6.25% if you move certainly intellectual property to ireland. so ireland gets it, britain gets it. that's why avon is moving there. in the next few years britain will be reducing their rate. in this case less is more. >> e-mac, i'm ashamed. america used to be the most business friendly country in the world. we used to have one of the lowest corporate tax rates, now it's the highest. >> the thing is the gop -- and they've said this themselves, they have to make this case and not sound lie wonky bookkeeper. even bono said look at what we're doing in ireland, and in
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california governor brown saying apple is now an irish company. he just joked about that. >> sabrina too many candidates are saying we have to force u.s. companies back. >> right. >> why don't you lure them back by lowering tax rates? >> and lizzie hit the nate on the head. the real problem, the disconnect is 64% of americans believe that corporations aren't paying their fair share. this is a serious challenge. if they want to bring corporations back, republicans need to make the personal case that they're going to bring job back, they're going to bring opportunities back. >> and bill, they're going to bring money babb. there are more than $2 trillion of u.s. corporations overseas. if you bring the companies back, the money comes back too, right? >> we should lower the rates and close loopholes. apple should be paying u.s. corporate tacking on worldwide income on the basis of jobs and
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sales, and that way apple could no longer be saying, well, all of our profits are being made by patents, they just so happen to be located in a satellite -- >> your boss steve was shaking his head know. why, steve? >> we're one of the only countries in the world that tax profits worldwide, which is why again we're losing more than we're gaining. in terms of what ireland has shown, less is more. don't tax people so much. >> get rid of the special deals lower of taxes. coming up, more than half of americans are expecting a tax refund this year. get the names that will put you in the top tax bracket next year.
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we're back with your tax refund picks. >> it's in a solid space. >> the internet is changing hour farmer buy stuff. >> you like devin energy.
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>> it's natural gas. very good when there's a war on coal. >> stay away, a really rocky picture. everybody is contrarian today. thanks for watching. have a wonderful weekend. we continue with eric in "cashin' in." \s >> i think they have spent $30 million on these adding. you know the truth is the people of this country are smart, they get it. >> donald trump taking on the establishment for taking him on with these costly attack ads. someone says with more primaries ahead on tuesday, establishment times should stop the fighting and save if for the general election. welcome in to "cashin' in." welcome, everybody. michelle fields isn't here today, but we look forward to having her back on soon.


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